Monday, August 4, 2008

If I m ay say so myself

Pretty excellent parent therapy evening ( if I may say so myself )
Just lots of games of tickle and chase - swinging in the hammock
Lunch at Apple bees was such a disaster today with R just being so stimmy( stemmy I should say - that is the way his therapists spell it and it always makes me feel ike he is sprouting branches or something) and not wanting to eat and the evening was so brilliant
Its amazing how in the same day he can have such a diffent level of with-it-ness
While its close to midnight I am particularly feeling like a grand success as I waited till he fell asleep and then cut his nails - I had to wait till 11.30 to do that
( This is less an act of great maternal care ... more like self defence - r loves to give me ticght hugs and squeeze my cheeks in joy which can really hurt )

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Evie said...

Those little nails are razors!! But compared to the first two weeks of breastfeeding and c-section my entire body is numb. Jason howls when Evie digs in. Secretly I chuckle that he feels a little of the pain of mommyhood. Is that bad?:)

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