Friday, August 8, 2008

Nada but fun

I did no work with R yesterday - just housework , ironed a basket of clothes , made dinner - did my fly lady routine -
When I go to bed - the house looks sooo picked up now guys -( until R drops flashcards and thing with numbers written over them all over the house - this his thing - he loves all these educational toys - while I long for him to play with a doll )
However - I think I still spend a LOT of time doing housework - nothing like the 3 hours per week the Flylady promises - I would say 1 hours every day
We saw a horrible movie completing our series of watching movies that are horribly depressing or bad
10,000 BC ( VERY bad )
The Myth ( VERY bad apart from a glue fight that was the classic funny Jackie Chan, the rest of it was all very very bad , levitating people ,tombraiders and nonsence )
Atonement ( good but kind of tlike the English Patient - very depressing )
I am Legend )( nice but depressing )
Jaane tu ya jaane na ( boring )
Juno and Casino Royale are the only decent movies we have watched in the past few month
Please dont despise me for Casino Royale - I love James Bond - yes even when does crazy things like reviivng his dead heart himself :-) with just a little help - I miss Pierce Brosnan though
If you are wondering why were are watchng so many movies its becasue our rewards programs reward us with Blockbuster coupons so I can waste what little free time I have watching crap

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