Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A week in our life

My dear readers .. I am finally caught up on all your blogs

I thought I would do one of those posts that I love reading later  .

A week in our lives

Friday Night

I return from a week away for work .

R is a little distant from me

But he has had a much better week in general as I have put a full schedule in writing -

When I will  leave and when I will be back as well as his therapist schedule

Also, since I dont want to drive to the cabin ( DH is out of town as he is dropping an exchange student and then spending the weekend with some of our friends in North Carolina ) DH has shrewdly got the Wii from the cabin

This is one of R's major incentives for going to he cabin as he gets days of Wii

R sits away from me and I give him a little space - when I come back every evening from the office he makes a fuss of me - but when I am away this long ( 5 days in this case ) he needs some time to get used to me
But by the time night rolls around he is feeling more positively predisposed to me.

I am not above bribes to get back in his good books  have told him Saturday will be a day of no work and no office and I will do whatever he wants to do .

DH side of the bed is empty and it makes me sad.

I have not seen him for 6 days and I am missing him like a part of me is gone


R is up at 4 and asking to go to Walmart !

We go and the first thing he wants to buy is the Wii Play Motion Plus -

This is a video game a new back remote and a box. ( its also $50!!!)

The rest of the shopping trip he stays busy sitting in the cart , unwrapping his treasure and drooling over his new items and MIL and I are free to shop

We stop at Target to see swimming pools to buy and he demands to buy the most expensive one

Not only is it expensive, its also large and heavy and I do not want to deal with it without DH

I bargain with him saying that if he goes home without asking for the pool - I will take him to the Y pool

He bargains back, saying that perhaps I could also get him the Black Wii Nunchuk.
( while I am really proud at his shrewdness,  I give him the super-stern eyes - a skill I learned at my mother's knee )

We go home get lunch and head to the YMCA pool -

Guys I hate swimming.  Do you like it ?

Its annoying and messy and my hair takes forever to dry and  the water is invariably cold - but R just LOVES it - I see him giggling at the pool and it really makes it worth it for me

( plus I never say no to any physical activity for me screen-addict)


We have a great time in the morning - doing nothing really just pottering about

In the afternoon, R has his therapy sessions, and I and my MIL tackle the playroom -

 My MIL is a MASTER cleaner between the 2 of us the playroom is spick and span in an hour or so
In the evening we go to the park

DH comes back in the night and I am so relieved I end up eating a lot of sweet things .

Happiness makes you fat


is a super intense day at work .

When I come home , I am horribly tired and drained , but I decide, I am going to go out and play with R anyways

Even when we do nothing productive and Floortime wise - as long as we are outside, I chalk it as Quality time

Sometimes I entice him to come outside telling him we can do the Ipad

And then when he is sitting on the swing , I tell him I can only push him if the Ipad is not in his hand

Such are the devious ways of mothers


DH is off playing golf - I pick him up from OT - where the OT informed me that he( R, Not DH )  cried a lot .

 R likes his therapists to be loving and playful and his OT is matter of fact and professional ( but she is very good at her job and has taught R a lot )

At the OT there is a child who is very talkative and argumentative and the mother is very embarrassed by him.

 I find I have been staring and quickly explain to the mom that I am only staring because I am so impressed by the speed at which he is picking up words in front of my eyes - the mother says thank you and also thanks me for saying something nice when she was feeling bad

There is a lot of solidarity in the waiting rooms of therapy mums

Me and MIL and SIL go to Kohls to buy some new outfits for my SIL - where I quickly succumb to the joy of clothes and find myself buying  a maxidress ( which I just last month made fun of for being like a night
gown )

These days, I am noticing an increase in babyness in R - I dont know what else to call it

He sings Twinkle twinkle little star , plays Peek a boo .. the other day I caught him staring at his hands ( the way infants do )
While this is so incredibly adorable , I remind myself from time to time that he is seven years old ( and this worries me )

At the same time, he IS changing for now when he is in the bathtub , he will do simple things with numbers .. but he will also count by 4's, 8's etc


I am racking my brains on what to get for DH's Father's day and I finally told him that I would just give him cash and that he could call me Uncle-Wife

DH and I make a Watermelon smoothie for everyone and we bake pizza for R

I drag R outside - MIL has made a dozen pajamas for R ( which are his favorite outfit and he drops his pants or shorts on the floor as soon as he gets back to the house and runs to get his pajamas- I think its a good idea and if it did not make me look like a lazy lump, I would wear my granny nightdress as soon as I got home )

We have a lot of fun outside, playing, swinging , jumping . I think while the screens are addictive , so is sensory fun

R is finally brave enough to touch the tomato plants - it has been interesting to see systematic desensitization - in practice

A couple months ago he would run from me if I touched the plant - yesterday he was touching and smelling by himself
( did you see his multicolored shoes - its his own unique fashion statement )

I do his Goodnight routine and he gets all his trains and make them lie on their side -

I never knew I would love being a mother so much

But being R's Mum, feels like a exclusive privilege

This is what an ordinary week in my life looks like - thank you my friends if you had the patience to read along 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What we did in May

I have missed writing here this month

I feel like a walking to do list

Too much work and too much travel

Press the Pause Button 

To keep from having life turn into a logistical operation I keep trying to press the pause button

Since its summer, and the days are so long , that  even when I come home late from work we are still able to find an hour to  have picnics in the backyard

and lying in the trampoline staring at the sky

And walking on logs in the river

And sliding and sliding

And playing with flowers

We have instituted a policy of Tuesday evening being just R and mommy time

This day he gets to decide whatever he wants to do and we go ahead and do it and do it just the two of us

Sometimes its the library

Sometimes its to go to the grocery story and ride the cart touching all the bags of chips

GI issues 

One of the worst things to happen this month is that R's stomach problems are back .  His ped is thinking that this is the residual worms that did not all clear up  - so he is back on medication for it

The medication has a side effect of nausea and low appetite and I feel I spend all day coaxing bits of food in him ( that he sometimes will throw up )

His appetite is at an all time low - and its a source of unbearable stress and misery

Still this too shall pass

And why dwell on this

Isnt joy mostly a matter of focusing on the joyful bits

R's gran and aunt are here and are spoiling him rotten - his gran is the best cook the other side of the atlantic ( DH is the best on this side ) - and she is cooking us meals that are sublime

We attended a wedding of R's beloved Miss Kristen - me in my usual elaborate finery

The ceremony is beautiful

And R is fascinated by the trumpet which the kindly player lets R touch to his heart's content at the end

But he is very disappointed that Miss K is not making a fuss of him ( as she is too busy getting married )

And cries inconsolably in the arms of Miss S( who fortunately is also attending the wedding and makes a fuss of him )

Fortunately things end on a better note as Miss K holds him close and loves on him

I was full of stress as I started to write this post  - as I am leaving on Monday once again for a week long trip - with all the guilt that accompanies

But, writing here is centering me as always

I need to connect with all of you as I feel I have lost touch with you guys in the hurry and worry of this month

Promise to come and visit your blogs soon


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