Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go to sleep please

OMG - R's sleeping really sucks these days He went to sleep at 11 and is up at 5 am
He has 2 hours of ABA and school today ( first day of school in fact )
As we cosleep this is putting everybody in a VERY bad mood - for both DH and me - the sleep and eating pickiness - bother us the hardest
I think I am going to buckle down and get some Melatonin


Anonymous said...

I hope R has a fabulous day at school...that wears him out so much he sleeps soundly this evening. I feel your pain on the pickiness. It is hard. All you can do is keep offering. ((((Hugs))))))

Bonnie said...

Melatonin is a beautiful thing. Hope all goes well tonight!

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