Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cranio Sac Therapy

5 grams massage c- sac therapy - We took R was his session today and I really liked it - it was expensive 50 dollars for a 25 minute session and we will be paying out of pocket but it was really nice and VERY gentle base of his skull and that she could feel some heat coming out of there and that he seemed to have some twists in his neurological system ( she suggested birth injuries or something )
Sounds mumbo jumbo but right after he jsut seemed MUCH more calmer and well regulated - that we went to the Mall - he sat quitley in his chair and sketched with an alert happy expression and ate his lunch and did not protest to not doing his favorite things - this is a big deal as R seems to protest everything that is not according to his wishes . Even DH who is the king of sceptics and as scientific as they come happily made the next appointment for 2 weeks later LOL
The oddest thing was that R did not seem to mind it one bit and sat quietly there

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mercury Rising

Well we thought we would get the French Urine Poryphirin test just to rule things out
Now R never had a bad reaction to vaccines and I thought that our road into ASD was part genetic and part a 3 month period of 6 ear infections and constant antibiotics Still I had heard about this new test where you send urine to France and they test It really was more in the spirit of just to make sure Well the results came back and I am just sick to the pit of my stomach His Mercury levels have come back abnormally high- I think the normal range is below 9 and his is 23How did this happen?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Therapist churn and inconsistency is really one of the hardest things in running a program - I so wish therapists would call back when they said they should and show up when they say they would
Sigh !!!!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happiness lies in enjoying the small things
This is one of the things Autism has taught me
Enjoying the what is and what I have rather than fretting for all the things that I dont have
Its been a long day at work and I am traveling but tonight alone in my hotel room ( which is bliss) I got to slide open the Hotel Door and enjoy the lovely breeze and read the latest Hamish Mac Beth novel "Death of a Gentle Lady " and no one needed anything from me
Bliss !!!
Tomorrow is another busy day

there are storms predicted for the South and I will surely have trouble getting home as US Airways cancels flights at the drop of a hat
Tonight is bliss though

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