I am the mother of a charming almost 10  year old.

He has Autism and SPD

He used to have apraxia and does not have it any more

He also has Crohn's disease  which is somehwat managed .

We have been on this journey of Special Needs Parenting for 7+ years now.

I work full time outside the house.

My husband is a SAHD

We live in the very rainy and very beautiful Pacific North West after living for 10 years in the South.

R does Speech, PT, Teaching Language and OT. We also do Floortime for him.

He is homeschooled with the help of therapists.  DH designs the curriculum and works on HW and

Life is very busy, very hard  but also very good

R is an amazing child and gives us so much happiness. He treats his many problems as a part of life and does not complain for he has never known anything else.

In this he teaches me a lesson on how to live when I am tempted to wallow in Self-Pity.

Sometimes I think that we are even happier in life today than we were before Autism ( see Tab titled Happiness )

We have also learned a lot in this journey - gone to many conferences and read many books ( see Tab titled Autism )

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