Friday, November 16, 2007

Break from Autism this week

I took a small break from Autism this week – it was really refreshing – I was in San fran this week on work( away from R ) and just did not go not think Autism at all
It was a good break and I needed it and I did not make myself take a break or anything – I just did not feel like thinking or talking Autism at all – It was good to visit the world of typical people and speak their language
R started Preschool – we really like the preschool – ver structured 3.5 hours per day 4 days a week – but this is what I have some stress with – all his individual services have been dropped – the school people assure us that it is going to be okay as ABA is their main method of instruction and for the first 12 weeks the ratio is 4 students with 1 teacher and 2 assistants so a pretty good ratio actually
But we will probably be stepping up the VB as soon as we can

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How is Rohan doing?

Its so hard to answer that question – I feel I speak a different language now – In an Autie Mom’s language – we still have some oral defensiveness and sensory issues. He is not verbal – However he is communicating AMAZINGLY well through PECS – picture exchange system + sign language + hand leading and gestures. He also appears to be very intelligent and is really crazy about numbers, words the computer and most of all books – the kid cannot pass by the written word without trying to read it. In many ways he is a MUCH more loving child – I have only once before felt this loved and this much a center of someone’s world – it’s a great feeling All in all it rocks to be his mom

However NT kids are making geometric progress at the time when he is making arithmetic progress – know what I mean?- Socially - Rohan is like an 18 month old
90% of the days I am really happy with the way things are – 10% of the time I get bogged down by the demons – which really are – envy of my normal life – the life I was meant to have , (the why me demon), wistfulness and guilt( how simple life used to be before –anything I could have done so we could have stayed on the main road and not taken the detour to Autism – did the vaccinations , antibiotics cause his ASD- was it genetic ).
Truly 90% of the time I am very happy , living in the present and grateful for what Rohan is – I throw away the developmental milestone chart, and look at the way he is developing which really has its own wisdom . I really am growing up and I like who I am turning into!

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