Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2nd appointment

Today we went for our second trip to the DAN doctor
Drove down and back in one day - Tiring but not really that tiring and R even did his evening therapy session and in fact did it well and seemed more regulated afterwards
Overall we updated to the doc on progress on the last 3.5 months
1. More aware of surroundings - like now he realizes when the therapists drive up in their car and the bell rings - its means play time is over
2. Hyperlexia is blossoming
3. Little bit more rigidity
4. And most importantly - he has finally started consistently trying to label words lie Buh - for bird
Boo for Book , Ha for hi , all the first soundsof numbers and letters ( except the tough ones like K and G )

The doc was very happy at the progress - he really seems like such a sweetie
Overall these are our next steps
Again need to get on with the Gut Healing process -
the lab tests show evidence of Yeast overgrowth and also of a strong Gluten/Wheat intolerance

Get on a GF diet - C should be reduces too but not dramatically !!!( 4 day rotation - yikes he has pizza about 3-4 times a week )
Start with Probiotics 1/2 each morning with minimum food
If all goes well in 2 weeks
Start with enzymes ( start with once a day and then go three times a day each time with meals 1/2 capsule each time )Enzymes and Probiotics should never give together as they will digest each other
After about 5 - 6 weeks
we should get a prescription for Diflucan - for 2 weeks followed by 3-4 weeks of Nystatin
I also asked him about any natural or gentle chelators
all this while the mercury is in the system and it cannot begood for him
He talked about Chelorex or Zeolite


Laura said...

Hi there! Haven't visited in a while. Crazy summer! I love the picture you have up! You're both gorgeous!

Your appointment sounds like you covered tons! Just so you know, yeast is a BIG battle. We're still battling it, 4 years into biomed, as pretty much every intervention that brings improvement seems to bring on the yeast-beast! Oh well. As long as there is improvement, I'll keep fighting the yeast! It sounds like you've got a good start! Hope everything goes well!

danette said...

Good morning, I gave you an award! Stop by my blog when you have a minute to check it out. :)

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