Friday, August 29, 2008

Pureheart! Braveheart!

Today I had to make a business presentation.
I was struck with such a case of stagefright. So paralyzed.

I felt like I would forget all the things that I knew so well.
So afraid that I would disappoint.That people would look down on me and figure out how stupid I really was.

Autism is like an extreme case of stage fright. Faced with a world that can seem so confusing and demanding, a child with autism can retreat within themselves!

Imagine trying to make sense of the spoken word that feels like a foreign language that you are barely comfortable with .Imagine all sensations so overwhelming that you sometimes just have to indulge in repetitive activities and get inside yourself. Food textures that make you gag… smells too strong ….not knowing where your body is at all time in space.

The thought that my little boy deals with that everyday moves me to tears




1 comment:

Bonnie said...

I often think if the world was visually based I would be the one with a disability...

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