Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The MethylB12 shots are waiting for me in the refrigerator and I am too scared to give them :-(

Thursday, April 17, 2008

To DAN or not to DAN

I think we are going to try this out -its been coming up again and again and now with R's mercury toxic results we really cannot keep thiniking that his ASD is a way of being which needs acceptance ( not detoxification ) its a really hard road for me to to down - to think that our 3 year old will have to ave injections and chelations and all that so scarybut I am scared of mecury even more
We will be driving down in 2 weeks to Frianklin, TN about a couple of hours away to start this
I am scared but also keeping an open mind and hopeful at the same time

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pretend Play

Some of the coins are dropping which brings me to three of the mantras of Autism

Repeat - Repeat and repeat - Many things will need more than one trial - heck more than 100 tries
Many times when they seem like they are not "getting something" - they actually are - and it will come out another day - never give up
Stimmy periods atleast in R's case seem to be necessary to him - so instead of getting overwhelmed by the stimminess its important to realise that stimming is his coping skill and one should think of it as "Self regulation" and not as "Self Stimulation"

I have swithced brands of his soap and lotion to natural Burt's Bees stuff

I think we are seeing the beginning of Pretend Play -
  1. He put his toy phone on my ear - and he has finally understood what a phone is for
  2. He pretended that the stem of his Littlep people Umbrella was a straw andd drank out if it ( it totally could be that he was thinking it was a real straw)
  3. He also played with Leo and June figures and kised them and did Head Shourlders knees and toes with June
- as usual a step forward was preceded by a period of a week 10 days of a more stimmy R ( of course it could also be all the changes - I was out of town for 5 nights - he changed classes and is now in a classroom with more kids and fewer teachers - as he prefers adults - no doubt this is not a good change to him )

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