Friday, August 8, 2008

Can I just say I love his school - I wish they would have it year and week around and they had the school extending school all the way to
HIs teacher and TA were here - they are so nice and sweet and supportive
I need to note the regression for ESY next year
He basically regressed during the summer for eating and also increased sensory issues - lots more stimming
Over the summer ( we started the DAN stuff in May )
he started vocalizing and pointing - he points all day - when he watvhes a DVD he wants to go to a Pick a Song option so he can choose EXACTLY the song he wants - I really thing this is his way of exercising control - I like it as well as we are opening and closing circles of communication while doing something he LOVES
But became MORE picky with food and slightly more rigid as well and more difficult to transition
I truly do NOT Think that this last thing is a bad thing ( increase in awareness, knowledge that he has some control , testing limits - all these are really good and healthy things in my opinion )



Anonymous said...

Some of those things, while not fun for mom and dad, are REALLY wonderful to have happen. fwiw, we've experienced some regression as well, but I think this happens with *all* kids over the summer on some topic or another.

Evie said...

I agree - from what I read all children go through these phases of pickiness and food refusal. I can imagine it's quite difficult to discern what might be classified as regression from expected ups and downs of toddler-hood. As always your family is in my prayers.

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