Monday, October 8, 2007

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:08 am Post subject: Speaking of diets : Sensory Diet

Could this really be key?( I am not saying THE key - but just key ) Last month we had had our first meeting with a Floortime consultant in Atlanta - I wrote at length about it on the asd-pddboard so if anyone is interested in the details of it Roughly during the evaluation - Rohan was pretty stressed out with new place + no sleep =spend the entire 2 hours stimming Well the psychologist main response was to focus ONLY On sensory diet and singing to him -as an end in intself - not as a means of increasing circles of communication - dont worry about speech or anything else ( her opinion was that the speech is the unfolding of a specific biological process that will eventually come on its own ) I had felt really offended after the consultation _ I felt she had evalutaed R based on the small snapshot of time- and also that she saw only his challenges not his strengths - R CAN be very engaged and loving and is at most times - but I felt like she thought I was making it all up ( I could have been oversensitive ) Yesterday however since his VB folks had come - and he was really stressed out - I wanted to relax him SO I basically had a total Sensory diet and lovey evening ( the other thing that Rohan finds amazingly soothing is spending time alone with him with me giving all my attention to him )
  1. Lying in a rocking hammock singing songs and counting the leaves in the tree above us
  2. Swing -
  3. Another broader swing
  4. Singing songs while holding him in a rug ( ie R lies in the rug and me and Nana are holding two corners of the rug each and swaying him in rythm with some songs )
  5. Bath time - with lots of water play
  6. Songs with Actions
  7. Massage
  8. More hammock ( this is the inside hammock ) and I basically while swinging him in it will rub my hands on his back ( from outside the hammock )
  9. Draggin him through the house while he is lying in a rug

And not just did he LOVE this evening ( keep giggling and signing more ) he also seemed much more engaged and alert Could sensory diet be key ??????

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