Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DAN doctor send an email to say that we should discontinue for a while and then start bit by bit at a time
Can you beleive an MD that actually responds to your email directly !
And in a few hours !!!
I cannot help but think that the stimminess and badtemperedness this last week is related to starting the ENzymes and probiotics - In fact even his therapist commented on it in yesterday's session
I googled it and turns out that enzynes etc CAN cause problems due to positive reasons
I wish our DAN doctor had told us about this

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes I hide

Today I actually went home for lunch early so as to avoid R
He has been such a ROYAL pain all the weekend - cling cling cling and constant demand for nursing insterspersed with whining.
And the not letting me cut his nails - what a pain that was - I finally was so happy when he was asleep and I could finally cut his nails
He is allergic to something as well - what I do not know but his eyes swell up and he itches them a lot and the itching goes down wtiuth Benadryl

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hyperlexia game in the bathtub yesterday night
at bathtime with foam letters - I was trying to do this just to do some
tuen taking but it can also be used as a communication game I found


Me - Lets play game - B-O-Y

R- B-Y-E

Me - A-M-A-ZE


Me - N-O-S-E

R- P-O-S-E

Me - B-O-Y

R - B-E-D( he has been making signs to show that he wants to go to
bed - not so sleep unfortunately but because he wants to lie down with
me and nurse and snuggle)
Me - N-O ( he still had to get lotion and PJ's on )

R - N-O-T-E

Game R I think !

Very Happy

It really impressed me that he could figure out the pattern - use some letters of the word made earlier to make a new word - and respond accordingl

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So sensitive

Something bad happened yesterday – a small accident really but my poor baby is so traumatized – gosh how I wish he was not so sensitive !

He has been carrying around his anxiety and embarrassment all evening and all morning – I wonder what to do – how to distract him -

It always makes me laugh when they try to say that auties have no feelings- if anything they are more sensitive

No- actually it makes me angry - sometimes the parents of auties will talk about their kids in front of them- sometimes on national TV -the way they would never talk about an NT kid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should he be on the bus or not ?

Well the little Special Ed bus can come to our house now and will be picking up R about 8.30 everyday . Today DH dropped him – and of course today was the day that R decided that he would get up extra early – like at 6 am – Uggg – he wlill be sleepy and tired for his VB session in the evening and then through the swimming as well

Why does he not sleep like clockwork from 9 in the night to 7.30 in the morning – that would be just perfect – he would get enough sleep and I would not be stressed out either


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back from a hectic 3 day trip

And he was just a total angel for all 3 days - except for the last two nights where he did not sleep till past midnight and was just hyper
School starts today and kind of early too at 9 am ( embaressed to admit that that is really early for us ) as R like to sleep late and wake up late

Monday, June 2, 2008

SUPER cranky today for his therapy sessions

Is it a bad thing or a good thing

After all these months in Autism land - I realize how much of the energy is around whether Autism is a good thing or a bad thing - really the truth is it does not matter
All that is important that we give our kiddos all they need to be the best that they can be
Yet I spend so much time worrying about IF autism is a bad thing then did I do anything to cause it

DH's perspective is that DS's situation is a result of
  1. Autism as a way of being -part of human evolution ( as a way society is evolving where social networks are maybe less important and cortical rational thinking is the new skill )
  2. + Mercury poisoning - a separate issue
Its an intersting perspective really
DS had his 5th or 6th Cranial Sac session today - Something does seem to working becasue he seems calmer and more organized with the MB 12 - we have done almost 5 of them so far and Cranial Sac therapy
As school is out and I have been doing really bad parenting - back to the distracted kissing and cuddling type parenting rather than the efficient conscientous floor time parent
Plus other circumstances are there in this small fry's life which are usually bad
- school is out, therapists have been cancelling, visitors ( this last thing may actually be helping) + distracted parenting that I mentioned earlier
Anyway so far something seems to be working
Though everything is very very slow

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun in the pool = cold next day

Waaaaaaaaaah it really sucks
all of us are so very very snotty today
Well such is life

M-O- M

Something cute today - I suddenly felt something on my backside while cooking - R had been trying to get my attention but I was busy ( today is cooking day for the week )
Well he had been saying MMMMMM for a while ( trying to say Mama) but failing that - he bough the three letters from the word whammer and spelled M-O-M on my backside
Yesterday in the bathtub he spelled out L-O -V-E with the foam letters.
He is an enchanting child

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