Friday, August 29, 2008

Too much work

I am sick of all the work in my life right now
It feels relentless
Taking care of home and R
Endless feeding and cleaning
Everything getting dirty again in record time
The never ending remodel
I just want to cry


Bonnie said...


Hope you are feeling better.



danette said...

((Hugs)) you need a break! Even a short one, any chance dh or a friend can hold the fort for a while sometime while you get some R&R?

Casdok said...

Have you a good friend you could have a cry with?

robin said...

I hope you're feeling a little better. Sometimes, life can be overwhelming and seems SO stressful, crowded and pointless. When I feel like that, I try to look at the bigger picture - what life would be like without (stressful person) or what it looks like compared to another stressful life/person/event.

I have heard that children 'choose' their parents before they are born. I don't think I know of other parents as devoted as you guys...and of a mom so loving as you. You can get through these tough makes you stronger.

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