Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend update

All my life when we were given homework in our summer hols .. I would end up doing it in the last week ( vowing to do much better next time but of course not doing it )
I am the same
So I did all the things I had said I would on Friday
Except that I did them all on Sunday
First , Visual Schedule book looked something like this

I bought this from a woman on Ebay more than a year ago - The hardest part about the visual schedule is having all the options and also having the scheudle with you
R really understands it - all the pictures have images as well as words so he can read them as well and it really helps him understand what comes after what
I ended up keeping a little pad so I could write things down as well

Second ,Pretend play Scenarios
1. did several versions of a tea - party ( failed - no interest at all)
2. Did several scenarios of doll playing with a ball( that you can see in the picture as well ) - this is a scenario R has created for himself because of a Blues Clues Book

Third Picture Book - Book about R
Collected all the materials - I think I am going to start with the simplest and cheapest . A power point presentation of R's day with captions etc
- like
"R likes to play in the sandbox" with a picture like this

( with labels on everything ) etc
I plan to end the book with simple what questions like
"What color is the sandbox?"


Territory Mom said...

I love your ideas. Great job. Your little boy is so adorable.

aninont said...

You got a lot accomplished mama..
Oh, a tea party may not be fun for a boy..

Maddy said...

My whole house is [still] labeled as they still get stuck with words like 'trunk' and 'green' oh and 'hall'. Once the scaffolding is in place it just helps everyone so much it's well worth the time and investment.
Best wishes

Niksmom said...

Good for you! You got a lot done; I can't wait to hear how it's working as time goes on.

aninont said...

Since R loves numbers, maybe he can be the guy at walmart, selling you toys for fake dollars.

Julie said...

You did way better than I do when I make a To Do List!!! I am just awful with following through!! Don't get discouraged that the pretend play didn't work out. That's a tough one. It almost never works when I plan beforehand. Usually Daniel starts something and I try to expand from there..and that may or may not fly!!

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