Monday, April 27, 2009

tumultous weekend( not about autism)

This weekend Autism had to take a back seat . My good friend is getting married in October.
We drove down to Atlanta to spend the weekend in a big city and also help my friend in selecting her lehnga ( sort of a skirt )

The wedding theme is East meets west

The bride is my good friend ( indian ) the groom is from Minnesota ( I really like him )

The bridesmaids are white and the Matron of honor is brown ( me LOL )

I love the big cities - I went to Trader Joe's one of my favorite stores and bought this - See what I bought

I love their simmer sauces ( of course now that I have said this out loud- they will all turn out to be really bad recipes )

We stayed in their Midtown condo and I rode in their BMW !!

The weekend started out very nice- it was so great to hang out with these good friends and see a very different kind of life.No kids , no backyard , no suburbs, walk to the grocery store etc

However alfway through I got some very bad news!

My hale and hearty and completely adorable nephew suddenly started having seizures and went temporarily blind . This story hopefully as a happy ending as my smart sister took him to one of the best child neuros and turns out he had a dead tapeworm in his brain( its more common than you would think - just google it )

There is a good chance that this situation will resolve on its own ( praying hard )

Also one of my Profs from grad school ( gentle eccentric ) suddenly took a gun and shot his wife and two other people that he was acting with in a theater - he is still at large

Heartbroken for their kids - 8 and 10

Poor R took a real back seat and spend a lot of time o the computer and also had loads of allergies ( turns our he is even allergic to dogs )

I will be a better floortimer this week


Lyndsey said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend--minus the tape worm and murdering professor, obviously. I hope your nephew is better soon. Is it a simple procedure? Will they have to do surgery?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oops I should have clarified - Lyndsey he does not need surgery - it will hopefully fingerscrossedprayinghard resolve itself

Julie said...

What a weekend! I was happy to hear about the fun parts! I hope your nephew recovers and does just fine...sorry about the Professor. I heard about that.

Territory Mom said...

Oh my goodness, what a weekend. Keep us informed about your nephew. I'm praying too.

robin said...

Sending lots of P & your nephew (and family) as well as profesor (and family.) Hope they find him quickly!

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