Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend update - Saturday

Stressful Saturday - I was trying to get together with one of my friends who has been through surgery and I wanted to take her some food . So three of us got together at her place and each of us bought a Pizza and we had a Pizza party . I also wanted to get her an additional meal so I had made a big batch of Minestrone SOup
This is what I made on Saturday- this will be most of the food for the week. DH and I usually do lunch together a couple of times a week and that ( plus it always seems lke we have more than enough leftovers for an additional meal - sometimes more )

1.Italian Minestrone Soup with Rolls
2. Chicken Tortilla soup and Corn Bread
3. R's Chicken Veggie Rice purees (
4. R's Pizza ( Gluten Free )
5. Cauliflower Stirfry with Raita and Rotis( Indian Tortillas)
6.Roasted Potatoes - with rice and Dal
7. Green Beans Curry with Rice

Anyway after I spend all morning and afternoon cooking and halfheartedly playing with R etc -
I had to go out in the evenng
I really was feeling stressed about that becasue I got NO floortime done
I really cannot do more than one external activity a week

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