Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Hanen - fingers crossed

They MAY be doing a free Hanen training at R's school ( infortunately only in Fall which is two seasons away ) i have the book "More than words'and its a really nice book but I want the more hands on training . Plus the person who would be teaching the program really seems with it
Anyway I am keeping my fingers crossed. They would be offering the Hanen training called "it takes two to talk"( ITTTT) but really that is for the kids with challenges like Downs.. the videos they showed had very engaged kids - who basically just seemed to have speech challenges.
Not like ASD kids who have SOOO Many more sensory distraction challenges goingon
So in the ITTTT videos the kids there was one video on a little girl with Downs who was just so perfectly in sync with her mom - who was doing the Hanen with her. They had back and forth circles of communication going on so effortlessly
The vidoes in the "More than words"( MTW) had kids with ASD - even getting their full attention required so much work .
Clearly the MTW program is better suited to R but for that we will have to wait

( She wondered aloud whether R has ADD - her own son does - also or not - ughhh it seems like every year we collect a new A - at 2 it was Autism, at 3 Apraxia at 4 - ADD???)
Anyway he just was very distracted because he was in his classroom in the evening which she was videorecording him ( and he could do what he wanted with all the toys which I suppose are only given out one at a time when his school teacher and the other students are there )
All things considered if the general Hanen style attitude comes into the school( its a great school just very behaviorally oriented ) it will be a great thing

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