Monday, March 30, 2009

Work hard to play

Today we were back at the psychologist in my lunch break . We were trying to play with R and it was an UPHILL battle .

He did not want to give up control at ALL . So he would make a sequence of numbers and we would try to put ourselves in that sequence so if he lined up the blocks which said 1, 2, 3 we would put 3 objects next to 3 and so on

It took us SEVERAL tries to get into the game and it was like I said UPHILL battle

We did a birthday game for dolly which he was kind of sort of interested in. A tickle game which he LOVED – but it was one way .. us tickling him

Last week I was out of town and the week before that I did not play much.

It was great to go to her as it made me realize that we need to devote more time to play more with R.his deficits really come into focus while playing and its SUCH a great reality check for me- AT home in familiar environemnts these deficits are not that obvious

We need to work hard at play


aninont said...

Have you tried playing sodoku with him? I am wondering if the game of you putting one number ahead of his (in the block game) is too simple for him, so if you challenge him with number puzzles, like sodoku, he will end up interacting with you to solve them... or you may need his help to solve them.Either way, there is interaction.
He is so smart.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Interesting idea ..though I must confess . I really dont think he is that smart ... yet - and I am not being humble .. i really dont think so
I truly think its a control issue
But I am going to try your idea
I would LOVE an update from you too when you get a chance

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