Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sensory Tuesday

Monday evening went by before I knew it
So today I had a plan of action
R is a sensory craver - specifically the proprioceptive and vestibular - ( here is the lingo that has become so familiar as an autie's mother )
The idea is to help R understand where his body is in space. ( Imagine how insecure you woud feel if you were to say close your eyes and not know where your hands are )
The idea behind Sensory activties as a tool is this
If a child craves sensory input and you give them the sensory input this helps them to organize themselves better ( this is true BTW of kids who are typically developing as well I think )
Moreover since they are not spending all their attention on craving something that they are not getting they are able t regulate themslves and pay attention to the rest of the world
Also while the lingo is different the activities are very familiar and part of every day- you just do them deliberately and purposefully
So today I did for him
Foot Massages
Tight hugs
Lying in the hammock with him
Bathtub into a small ball pit
Baby Burrito ( wrap towel around child after bath and hold them close to you - One of my son's favorite things)
Lotion Massage
Joint compressions
I really thought I made good use of the evening even though I was a little late coming back from work and he was a little distracted and weepy


danette said...

Great post! Two of mine are sensory-cravers too, and they LOVE the baby burrito :). My other son is more of a sensory-avoider, it took months to get him on a swing.

btw, thx for your comment on my blog, I'm still here :) It's been kind of crazy lately and sometimes I get to read but don't have enough time to leave comments.

Anonymous said...

You are so wise. ~Meg

docpadma said...

My Ds is a sensory craver too and I too do many of the things you have mentioned including giving him the magic carpet ride throught the house which he loves.
Foot massages are another favorite as are swinging in the hammock.
for some reason, he loves watching the trees and the leaves move, and snow fall and these are too distracting for him.With the weather getting better and warmer I was hoping for some fun outside but now I fear for more distractions and stimming...

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