Sunday, March 1, 2009

Serene Sunday

Sunday was so much better as I had only the daily living chores and no major work.
R'a very unusual way of being is so apparent these days
This was sooo hard
I tried to bake cookies with him.( Namaste Foods Gluten Free cookies ) I wrote down the recipe - in a few simple sentences
Take Flour
Add 1/4 cup oil
Add 1 tbsp water
Add 1 egg
Stir together
and laid out all the ingredients
I had even brought him a cute apron the other day ( dollar store ) and put it on him
Boy did he participate reluctantly
I literally had to FORCE him which took out all the fun of it. He was sooo squirmy and disinterested
in the morning when the three of us were snuggling in bed and exchanging compliments and simpering , DH was adding up all the things on R's face - 2 eyes+ 2 ears + 2 lips+ 1 nose + 1 chin =
and later I saw that R had opened some sort of website on starfall I think where he was adding
8+4= and he chose 12 easily
Addition is so easy at 4 ?????
Why are some things so easy and some things so unexpectedly hard ?
I am feeling quite down and out about the speech too ! It is coming incredibly slowly and not very well
Anyway Sunday was overall ogood except that R wandered away in Target to go to the gift registry computer - computers are an irresistable magnet to him
WE had a great dinner( homemade pizza - dough and all - fresh basil - amazing mozarella ) with two lovey freinds we have - they have a new baby and R was so jealous when I picked her up
Stressful week ahead ( what's new ???) But I managed to not think of work not all week ( - a major achievement )

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