Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please be kind, stranger

Last evening a ball rolled down to the very end of our backyard and I went down there to retrieve it and came face to face with our neighbor ( of 5 years but we have never met as our backyards are big and back to back to each other )

I said hi and introduced myself

She said " I see your son and you out here a lot.. he is soo adorable"

Me : Thank you .. we think he is so cute to

She : you spend a lot of time teaching your son don't you

Me : He has Autism so I try to play with him as much as I can

She: Autism ? Really? I never would have guessed .. well keep doing what you are doing .. he seems to be doing so well

Such are the simple acts of kindness that can fill up the heart of us moms

Or an email from a friend that we spend the weekend with

"I really miss R's presence in the house. He brought so much love! I can't believe that you guys were over only for a weekend."




aninont said...

Those comments are very nice to hear.everybody seems to love R!

I hope you have a nice long floortiming weekend with R!

Lyndsey said...

How nice of her! I hope I have great neighbors like that when we move (is the house next to yours for sale? ;)

danette said...

Comments like that can just make your day, huh? Your neighbor sounds really nice, and it sounds like your weekend trip went great!

robin said...

What a really nice neighbor!! It was nice of your friend to send you that email too. I agree...those kind of comments really fill up the hearts of us moms.

Anonymous said...

How nice! I love those kind comments. I think of them as verbal hugs, you know?

Keep up the great work with your boy. :)

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