Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lazy Sunny days

Simply lovely weekend
Sunshine spilled everywhere and we spend a lot of time outside playing
There is something about being outside that is so calming and regulating for my son( while watching TV, having the remote for the TV while watching a show has the opposite effect – It really disregulates him- Computer games do not seem to have the same effect though ) .
Another thing that R does nowadays is play well independently .. he is really interested in exploring things around him
I really struggle with what I should do at these moments. Its so nice to see him enjoy something by himself and also not do anything but Floortime Principles would say that one should do what one can to turn each interaction into something more
Saturday morning was spend cooking – DH went off to play golf ( he had done all the food prep last night though – all the grocery shopping and also all the chopping of veggies and meat )
By 12.30 on Saturday I had done this
And cleaned up the kitchen
By 1 had remembered that I had forgotten to make anything potato based ( Dh’s love ) and so I made this
While DS ate breakfast then lunch and played on the computer coming in from time to time to the kitchen to demand cuddles and lollipops and Junior Mints
In the evening DH and I went for a dinner party while DS stayed with his therapist who also babysits . She says he ran around the house saying Mama after he heard the garage door come down .. Its amazing how he is abale to use the few words he has when there is a lot of emotion which really is the whole thing of Floortime . Harness the emotion and developmental progress will come based on that
A large chunk of Sunday was spent lolling about in bed – something that DS simply adores and then lolling about outside

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aninont said...

he is so cute.
the temp here in upstate NY is still 30s .
Wonder when spring will start...
That Aaloo looks yummy.. you got a lot done.

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