Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manic monday and Tepid Tuesday

So Monday we started with Nystatin
For whatever reason R was sooo hyper - he did not sleep till about 2 - his tummy was hurting I think
Anyway I had to spend the whole Tuesday looking at "Segmentation solutions"basically giant sets of tables of data. Only caffeiene- thank you Peet Coffee for making this mega strong Major Dickinson's Blend- kept me alive. The data was beautiful but boy was I tired
Anyway when I came home and this was the second day of Nystatin . it was like a sort of switch had come on- perhaps a coincidence - but R was really using the few words that he has - BED, DUM ( Dums Dums ) UP, MINT ( junior Mints ) SHEE ( for Sheep )
I am writing his words in caps lock because just to write them in lower case does not communicate the tone( he does not yell and when he babbles its the most enchanting of sounds, but when he uses words to ask for things they are .. I dont know what they are ,, but they cannot be written in the lower case )
Anway we went to JC Penney in the evening to buy me a new handbag .. and he got a little stimmy there but for the most part he was VERY purposeful and focused all evning
Could 2 days of yeast medicine make a difference
I really dont know but I will be watching carefully the next few days


aninont said...

I am so happy for you.
Make sure you record all those precious words.

aninont said...

I am soooo sleep deprived.
I miss "chatting" with you.
Sanjay is not sleeping at all and not doing well in therapy.
More later.

robin said...

Great math skills...bet all the classical music you guys listen to helps in that area too! :)

I usually go to JCP to look for purses too!! It normally takes me forever to find the perfect one.

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