Monday, March 16, 2009

Follow the child’s lead

This is the first principle of Floortime – It is a profoundly important principle.

R is a different child when he is doing the things he is interested in. When he is not – like when I am doing a crafts activity with him all his dis-ability comes into focus – the attention deficit ( in Autieslike R - I wonder if its really an ADHD an inability to pay attention in general or a lack of attention to things that bore them ) , the fine motor skills, the general lack of with-itness and spaciness !

But start with things that he likes or that make him feel good and he is transformed-

Gone are the fine motor skills when he cruises through the internet – double clicking like a pro.

Gone is the attention deficit when he is playing Patience!( I realized he has memorized the Patience on Starfall as he did it without error in one go again – I could see the computer screen from the bathroom window while getting dressed )

This weekend I was feeling a less inclined to be serious about doing things like Pretend Play( Basically things that I am pushing and that R has little interest in )

But I focused on things that R loves – Sensory Stuff ( tight squeezes, massages , turning him upside down, tickling, rolling around in the bed, pillow sandwich, Wilbarger brushing )

And the only tow Floortime Principles I followed are – "Follow the child's lead" and "back and forth interactions" and opening and closing many circles of communication

It was a simply lovely weekend even though it rained almost incessantly and it was hard to go outside anywhere. But I spend most of it feeling entranced in the spell of this special child .

This child is magic!

( Except for when he is a monster like he was last night when he would not sleep )

He was also very verbal for him using the few words he has spontaneously like

  1. UP ( to be cuddled or to be at the height suitable to get to Junior Mints or the Remote )
  2. PISSA ( pizza )
  3. BINTUH ( mint )
  4. Shee ( sleep – basically come and lie down with me – he had no therapy Saturday morning and this is all we did – lie down in all the different beds )
  5. Bos Muth( bonus material – from his Numbers DVD of Baby Einstein – He STILL loves some of these – one of my friends calls them "Baby Autism DVD's and she could well be right LOL
  6. Spite( Sprite)
  7. Ssspuh ( to listen to the numbers in Spanish and then Fuhhh in French )
  8. Boos Coos ( Blues Clues)
  9. EH tuh ( veggie Tales )
  10. Muh Muh ( mom )
  11. Puh Dish ( playhouse Disney on the computer )



aninont said...

Thanks for your comments in my blog. Made my day.. first thing in the morning.
have a good day!
I have more things to say... after work.

Anonymous said...

Aww that's so cute that he says "spite" instead of "sprite." Caleb says, "Spritt." lol. What cutiepies. Not sure if I've told you this lately, but you are one fantastic mama to a very incredible little boy. I love how you take his lead in exercises/activities and build from there.


danette said...

So true... my guys are so much more focused and interested when it's an activity they chose, or that they particularly enjoy.

How cute - I love his words! Those Baby Einstein videos are great! Cuddlebug and Bearhug liked those well into age 5-6 and would probably still watch them now if Bitty was interested (he's not much on watching tv). The numbers one was a well-worn favorite, especially the part with the race cars. That cracked them up every time :).

robin said...

I love picturing him wanting up (and saying it) to be cuddled or as a way to get what he wants! LOL!

Trish said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today - it is so great to meet you and I look forward to reading more!

It's so freeing to realize you don't have to do it all, all the time, but it's okay to just do what you can some days.

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