Monday, September 8, 2008

Stimmy days are here again

It makes me very very sad when R is having really stimmy times – he just does not seem like himself. He does not tantrum but just gets stimmy and looks stressed and does not look like he is fully there – I doubt many people would notice the difference but I do.

I hate not feeling fully connected yet don't want to make too strong an effort because it stresses him out even more!

Too much change these past weeks

  1. The remodel – in essence we moved into the new bedroom and his gran moved into the older one as that is the guest room now
  2. Grandma here for a visit – she and his aunt are here for 3 months- they just dote on him and like his my parents and sister love him unconditionally – but its still change and stresses him out!

I started with enzymes on Saturday( Sep 6 )


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danette said...

((hugs)) to you and R too!! Change is especially difficult for kids on the spectrum, even fun change like visits from family. It's out of their normal routine, bringing an unpredictability to their day that is stressful. You're right about the remodel probably being hard on him too, I remember one of my twins getting really freaked out (he didn't melt down and I was proud of him, but he looked like he'd seen a ghost) when they remodeled our local Walmart, and that was just a store, not his home. At home, my guys have gotten upset over things as simple as moving a chair or hanging something on the wall. Hopefully things will settle down soon with his routine and the house, so both of you can relax! :)

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