Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few of R's Favorite things

Here are some more of R's favorite things
Have I mentioned he loves letters and numbers
Letters and words he is kind of bored with now you will see a couple of letters from the second line haave been taken to make the first word - his name
- numbers are the current passion
Here is what he wrote on his board a couple of weeks ago

His other favorite things right now are
The measuring tape ( numbers on both sides )

The calender ( NUmbers AND days of the week - made dear to him by the "TMBG" song - on Monday I'm never gonna work ) - here is R reading the claender just like DH reads the newspaper sometimes in hotels at breakfasts

More number madness
One totally different things is flowers and fruits - he adores the tomatoes that DH is growing - if I pluck one he wants me to put it back ( on his feet you will see the measuring tape as it muyst go everywhere with him now )


Bonnie said...

How wonderful is that! It reminds me of playing with my son and his facination with airplanes. (F-14's to be exact...)

danette said...

What a great idea for a post! My twins were really into letters and numbers too (still into numbers) and went through a phase of calendar obsession! My little man seems to be developing a similar fascination with letters and numbers, he's starting to point them out when he sees them and if I listen closely sometimes I can hear him counting to himself.

robin said...

I love that you posted about what he loves and what interests him!

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