Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More is not always good

Well we have had a lot of therapist cancellation due to snow ( believe it or not it sometimes snows here in TN )

When it snows the whole city just screeches to a halt.

Well R had no school and just one hour of therapy yesterday and he just seemed so much more with it. He sought me out a lot ( the whole past month it seems like he only seeks me out for love fests and not for any other play-type interaction )

He dragged me out in our snowy backyard to play in the swing and then dragged me to Lucy's house.

A little bit about Lucy and Eli. They are the wonderful couple in their 60's that live 2 doors down and are just so amazingly good to us . Actually they are just good. She is an artist , he is a psychologist. They still seem so in love. One of the FIRST couples I have seen who does not put the other person down ever. I and DH try ( but don't always succeed). Anyway for some reason R ALWAYS wants to go to her house. ( He really has such a great radar for good people) . We went to her house and she is very good to him and lets him explore all over the house. Sought her out for a few hugs and demanded a candy cane( as in he started looking around for it in her living room and she immediately got them out for her

Anyway even after coming back he played with me in the IKEA swing and then in the bath made lots of words ( of course trying to keep making the words fast so I could not participate LOL – TOYS BOYS RUN WALK and strangely WATRE - for some reason as soon as I saw it – it felt like that SHOULD be the spelling )


danette said...

Sounds like a fun day for R :) and your neighbor sounds awesome!

btw, I like the new look of your blog!

aninont said...

I would like to have neighbours like that.
Yes, sounds like R was less stressed and just enjoying the time with you.

Anonymous said...

How nice to have a great neighbor nearby!! We have some people in our life, who, if Daniel just looks at something he gets it. I want to tell them to at least make him ASK for it! lol! He CAN do so most of the time or maybe with a prompt! Oh well. :)

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