Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I was just so stressed at work ( I have been having a little insomania lately because of the stress too
Anyway I did little of worth after home
Except make Pizza from scratch( yes base and all - kind of a necessity now because of his Gluten allergy ) - R was so excited to eat Pizza instead of his usual veggie meat rice .. he kept coming too the kitchen and saying cheeeee s and peeesa ( pizza )

How precious these hard earned words wrested from beastly Apraxia are


Anonymous said...

Exceptionally precious. I know how it feels when your child can't communicate with you effectively. Just thought I would identify with you.

Anonymous said...

How cute! It's always so exciting to hear more speech! Especially something that was hard to come by! I can certainly identify with the asking for pizza. Daniel would eat pizza every single day if I let him!!

Anonymous said...

yes! precious! and important.

jm said...

It is amazing how just a few words can bring such joy to a parent! Please look into a new supplement that is being talked about on many blogs and lists called speak. I have started giving this to my son Jacob ( about 4 weeks ago) and his speech is growing by leaps and bounds! His SLP has commented on how she is noticing such an improvement since he started this new product. In case you haven't heard of it, it was formulated by a pediatrician that has a child with apraxia. The company that offers this product has a website There you can find out more info and can order a free box of product for your child to try ( no strinigs attached other than paying the shipping charge of $5.95). I am so thrilled that I found speak and wanted to share with you! Good Luck- Judy

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