Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New places

New places still casue stress to R .. today I met DH and R for lunch at Mc Donalds.
School closed once again due to snow ( its a sunny day and NOT snowing except for a few sowflakes here and there )
He was sooo stimmy there and at the library - also busy stimming on the Nursery rhymes written on the wall
He was so very intentional though and really trying to talk,
Like he me to Seeeit- doooown ( sit down )
Apraxia/Dyspraxia - the horrible version that R has is a truly terrible thing. I hate it with a passion
OUr rug game usually goes like this
He will sign More and lie down on the rug ( a bed spread ) and give us enticing looks and make scute sounds till DH and I hold each end of the rug and swing him
We swing him for the duration of the song
He tries so hard to get us to sing "Wheels on the bus "( long song ) by signing for it
Yesterday he was desperately trying to remember songs so I would quietly make the hand gensture for him on the side - like "Twinkle Twinkle" and he would quickly pick up on it and immediately demand we swing and sing
Toooo cute


Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy. :) Daniel has been stimmy, too. Like, extra stimmy. He has a cold and that always throws him off a little bit. It's hard to see him be so "with it" one week and then kind of retreat the next. I love the times when, like you said, he is very intentional about whatever he's doing or communicating.

Anonymous said...

it's wonderful that he's communicating so well with you (such emotion sharing!), wanting to keep a game going that he loves with his parents!

robin said...

That's sounds great (him letting you guys know what he wants and the songs.)

Scott loves songs and knows the words better than I do. I always end up singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee, and (for Collin...Hush Little Baby...and then I make up many of the stanzas because I don't know those words either, lol!) I better find them and learn them like that!!

danette said...

That's so great that he's wanting to interact and that he's communicating with you in his own way.

I hear you on new places... it usually takes anywhere from 30 minute to 2 hrs before Bitty will even go into a new place (usually by then it's time to leave). A lot of times we end up with one of us having to wait outside with him while the other goes in w/ our other boys, or if we must go in we risk a meltdown :(. We don't go to new places very often though.

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