Monday, February 9, 2009

Sickies are here

Well R and I both have the sore throat and the sniffles

Work is a constant underlying stress right now . I am traveling this week on work( I and my sore throat are sitting in a hotel room right now)

DH and R will join me for the latter part of the week . We had a weekend that was full of drudgery .So I was busy getting all of R's food done for the week ad frozen so DH can just bring it with himself . Apart from the drudgery of all the chores R and I had a really cosy lovey dovey time with loads of snuggles, cooing reading books and hugs and compliments

I also was feeling too sick on Sunday afternoon to accomplish anything worthwhile so I read a book by Jeanne Dams ( and really enjoyed it

Gluten Free is no joke as there are very few things that we can eat outside . (We do cheat a little as he will occasionally have Mc nuggets ) but for the most partwe try to eat GF

Actually food is a major stressor right now as I am trying to eat healthy and lose weight and my willpower is undermined with all the food that surrounds us with eating all meals in a restaurant and says Eat me . Before I conceived R I used to be 20 pounds lighter than this


Anonymous said...

I hope you all feel better soon. I feel for you with the weight loss thing. I'm struggling too. I told myself I wouldn't gain any weight this winter, but I'm just not as active when it's cold out and it happened anyway. Sigh. I hope the rest of your week goes well and looks a little brighter. :)

robin said...

Hoping you guys are home and feeling better now!

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