Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lovely evening

Had a simply lovely evening
Lots of giggling tickling and rolling around on the floor with R
Simply divine
R's even at 4 has such enchanting babylike ways.All the little things that have leave a permanent foolish doting smile on my face
He watched my tweeze my eyebrows while he was in the bath and while I was toweling him dry stroked my eyebrows and kissed them several times. I suppose it must have looked painful


robin said...

Scott loves bathtime too! Sometimes he goes out to get dirty just so that he can have a bath in the middle of the day, with lots of bubbles. He enjoys our conversations while he's in there too.

Ouch! When I was younger and had lots of eyebrows, I had to tweeze them IS painful! Now, I have to draw them in, lol!

Nancy said...

AWWWWW what a sweet boy! And what a brave Mommy! That hurts and I refuse to do it. :D Just call me shaggy!

danette said...

Aww, how sweet!

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