Tuesday, February 3, 2009

one step back two step forwards :-)

R has slowly been coming out of his stimmy within himself phase and started looking more "with it"
There is this theory that I have heard from too many parents
This theory goes like this
After a period of regression there is this big developmental leap
I dont know if its becasue of this, or because of the snow days but I just had a magical evening with R
I did start by joing in a computer game where I was quite surprised to see that R can play "Patience"( that is what is called in India ) basically cards are kept upside down and you have to keep matching cards. ( basically you have to remember which card was where )
Lots of Sensory motor play - roughhousing, tickling cuddling, rug swinging , rolling on exercise balls
To tell you the truth these are the cheap tricks of Floortime
But at the same time they give R the important message that people can be fun too
He also used the potty by himself without being asked to
How cool is that!
Anyway I am not knocking my advertising "mommy is fun" too as its January has been such a rough month. Following the lead and playful obstruction are just not cutting it. Hopefully school will not be closed tomorrow and I can start to test out the theory of whether school is casuing the stress or is it just that his neurons need to hibernate before bursting forth at a new level


aninont said...

couple of questions..
1.Can you play patience with real cards? As a family game? What about scrable?That is a great way to introduce play dates since R will feel very confident?
I cannot think of many four year olds playing Scrable?
I have told you this before.. R is sooo smart!!
2.In your previous post you mentioned, that you are unable to set up playdates, what consists of an ideal playdate?
Similar age, does it need to be with NT kids only?
Also I feel you have had guests with kids and I am sure R interacted with that child, so although you may feel that you have not arranged for enough play dates, I think he is getting the chance to interact with kids his age a lot.
Another comment is that, self esteem and confidence is a big part of wanting to play with kids his own age.I say that especially for R since his desire to communicate is so high, so to be able to show off some of his talents to his peers may be great and may boost his peer-play skills.

aninont said...

Congratulations on using the potty... that is super cool.
good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have also found that Daniel leaps forward after a period of regression. It's hard during the regression phase, though, isn't it? Yay!! (About using the potty!)

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