Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taurine - 2 year anniversary

Just wanted to mention that we started Taurine on friday ( feb 19 i think )
He seems a little more tired in the evenings and wants to go to bed earlier
I read that this supplement has a calming effect
Otherise I have noticed no other change
His ABA sessions do note more talking it seems but again I am not sure if its the Taurine
Also its been 2 years now since we found out that R was autistic


Bonnie sayers said...

Did you take part in the floortime webinar yesterday? Dr. Feder used a power point that is available at http://circlestretch.blogspot.com the site www.momsfightiingautism.com has weekly webinars.

Thanks for comments on my blog. My website has lots more articles about my sons


My almost 14 yr old is now homeschooled, but articles from summer camp share his relationships with other kids.

robin said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary...that you have a diagnosis and can continue to work with R. It's incredible that it's already been 2 years!!! Time can pass quickly!

Trish said...

Just wanted to say that we didn't really notice a difference with Taurine until our son had been on it for a while and then we ran out of it. Then we realized that it had been helping and quickly got some more!

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