Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He does not play because he does not know how to

Who says you need a psychology degree to diagnose Autism.

This sentence which pretty much sums up the Autism diagnosis. was said by an very astute 3 year old daughter of a friend.

Really we need to setup play dates

According to Greenspan's podcasts the ideal curriculum of an ASD preschooler is a combo of

  • 6-8 Floortime sessions a day with Parent
  • OT
  • ST
  • Maybe 2-3 hours of Preschool ( MAX but not at the cost of one on one interaction with parent)
  • 2 – 3 PLAY DATES a week ( R probably has that many is 6 motnhs and even in those he prefers to play by himself )

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aninont said...

I think anxiety also contributes to not being able to play.
Communication with adults especially who understand is so much easier than a cranky 4 year old.
I think Greenspans expectation/requirements of 6-8 session make sense.
That adds up to about3 hours daily.
Is this about 20-30 min sessions each?

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