Friday, January 9, 2009

What I am doing now ?

For some reason or another I am profoundly stressed now . I feel overworked, underachieving . I am having some trouble sleeping. I have been up since 3 and I have a full day of stressful meetings ahead of me

I miss the beach

I am working on shaking this gray cloud from over me

In terms of Floortime – I am finally getting back into action!

For Christmas we bought the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse - I am having to work harder at getting proper circles of communication going because R has had too much screen time ( computer and TV ) over the past month for one reason or another .

I tried to make it meaningful to him – by making the baby nurse on the mommy (R's favorite thing in the world ) – he did make mommy and daddy sit on the patio chair and he also loved making them climb up to the upstairs bedroom.

I see this as an excuse to buy some furniture for my dollhouse LOL



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