Friday, January 23, 2009

Just another day

Last evening was a struggle too ..
We really were not able to play outside becasue his Speech therapy only finished at 5.30
His speechie and I did some sensory motor play with him - roll in the rug - swing in the rug ( activities he just LOVES ) and will ask for more songs for ( example he will make a sign for "wheels on the bus ".. so I can swing him while singing it and he will rompt me with the beginning letter of all the paragraphs )
DId this with Dad as well - again lots of engagement .. lots of back and forth circles of communication
And even though I gave him some computer time .. he really was hard to get away from the computer in the playroom
This is one of the reasons why being outside is just so awesome .. I dont have to fight with the screen seductress
As is bath time .. we have a little heater on the wall of the bath tub which I turn on .. makes the room really warm and we have a little boombox and really can easily get an hour of good joint attention and back and forth circles cooking in the bath
Sensory motor play worked great .. as did BUBBLES
R blew his first bubbles yesterday
His Speechie also said that she thinks Apraxia is his only challenge ( it isnt but its sweet of her to think so )


aninont said...

The screen seductress... exactly.
I have been trying to tell my Dh that just keeping the tv off , increases the number of interactions,it is almost like he does not know how to even spend time with us without the tv on. it is either the tv or the computer.

aninont said...

I think being able to blow bubbles is a big milestone achieved!
Did he blow his birthday candles last year?

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