Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cats love home and so do we

We all were out of twon last night and I am sooo glad to be home in my own comfortable home. DH and R came with me as the town is really close by plus DH best friend had a baby that he wanted to see. As always R knew I was traveling and was weepy all evening. when DH went for his bed time routine .. he picked up the book "mommy and me" and wept all over it
Till DH explained to him that he was also going to be going with mommy
That cheered him up pronto :-)
Anyway it was a hectic trip and I am glad to be home though also not looking forward to the awful week that is to follow
My heart bleeds for old people who are forced to move to nursing homes leaving behind all the things
I supposed one should not be attached to material things


sarahandscottsmommy said...

I just wanna hug R.....

My MIL would be totally lost in an assisted living or nursing home (she should probably be in one now but since she isn't a danger to herself, we're not pushing.) She has no friends and doesn't drive. She only leaves when I take her to appts and we see her often. She finds comfort and security in her things and her routine. I know what you mean about that stuff...

aninont said...

OMG, Kajoli,
R is perfect!so much feeling and so expressive of him...
K,I feel similar to your speechie,that apraxia may be his only 'problem".
Pardon me for commenting upon R's diagnosis, only my opinion.
I am glad you are home,I feel the same way, the settling thing about getting back to vacuuming, cleaning, swiffering and the comfort of your own bed.. aaahhh...

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