Thursday, January 22, 2009

The only mistake is not to show up

I am chronicling the resarting of Floortime in some detail as I want to remind myself of this when R is in hhis next stimmy period

I am reminding myself here of the two important principles of Floortime right now
First , The only mistake is not to show up
Second, WHen you are having trouble getting long back and forth interactions- start at the basics of joyful engagement

The reason - you guessed it friends ..I am ahving trouble gettting back and forth interactions going
Yesterday in the play room I set the stage a little bit to be more attractive than computer by
Asking DH to let R play to his heart's content on the computer between the time he cmes back from school and he is done with snack - 4.00
Till I am back and done with my snack - 4.45
from 4.45 to 5.15 we played outside ( bitterly cold ) and all he wanted to do was run around or nurse ( hell to the no LOL )
5.15-530 - snuggles
5.30 - 6.30 - ABA
6.30 - 7.00 - ( computer and I let him becasue atleast its making words )
7.- 8 flooritme in the playroom - Low quality he signed for the computer a few times - played with preten food a little bit ( with his back tunred towards me mind you )- Then he went to stack circles and I tried to be part of it by handing the cirlces to stack - I tried a little with the puppets got no interesnt and simply worked on joyful engagement - - got Some Tchaikovsky playing on the cd and rough housed on the floor. jumped on the trampoline holding hands and swung him on the indoor swing a little
8- 9.0 - dinner and book
9-10 - bath -I NEED to set the stage better for this byt aking out the numbers and letters from eht bath tub - relacing them with some aquirt toys ( he is showing alot of itnerest in these recently ) - lighting some nice smelling candles and maybe playing with the bath puppets

STILL - I did show up and he did get atleast 90 minutes of Floortime

I did continue and not give up and lapse in front of our various screens - me watching some DVRed Detective show and Rohan playing a computer game
Plus he really seems to have accepted that he no longer has the remote
a child with executive dysfunction spending so much time ffwding and skipping to pleasurable parts of the DVD seems really the worst thing to do

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