Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The screen monster

What should I do ?

R is in a particularly stimmy and hard to engage period – Started off with the start of the year with school starting. While he is just as loving as ever – he is very hard to engage in long back and forth circles of communication.

All he wants to do is nurse( another sign of stress ) , watch TV and play on the computer . Many reasons of course

  1. School re-starting
  2. Houseguests 2 weeks ago
  3. My back at work
  4. All of us are fighting a cold
  5. Reduced sensory diet – as its too cold to go outside
  6. Less Floortime – as I have been a lump
  7. Too much TV time over the break

I honestly think Number 4 Is the biggest reason . even his teacher mentioned that he is spacey and not alert these days

And of course since I am in a sickness fighting mode .. I am pretty tired as well


robin said...

Sometimes, Scott is so full of energy that I can't get him to slow down enough to get his attention. I change the scenery or noises to make things look differently. Like, we'll turn off all the lights and use a flashlight to shine on things and make up stories; or put on Andrea Bocelli music (Italian opera sounding) and use candles while washing dishes. It calms him down and makes regular activities more fun.

danette said...

Being sick will definitely do that, it can take a lot of effort for our kids to participate in back and forth interaction (especially our youngest, our twins are pretty good with it now but even for them it takes some effort) and not feeling well makes it difficult for them to really put in that effort. I know when I am sick I just want to do not much of anything. Stress and routine changes can play a role too, as you mentioned. Sometimes I try counting with my kids, it's not exactly a "conversation" but they love to count so they join in with me and we go back and forth saying the numbers... they also seem to find it calming when they are getting stressed out.

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Navendu Shekhar said...

hey, may be he is just missing the house guests :-). A and R did interact quite a bit.

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