Saturday, January 24, 2009

He took ages to get through ABA today ( 45 minutes what he usually does in 25 minutes ) but was pretty interesting nevertheless
He dipped his finger in the water to check whether it was hot or not before getting in the bath
He blew bubbles back and forth with me
And when he was celaning up all the tomatoes that he had thrown out from the veggie basket - he put them back in a sensible way - collected as many as he could and then put them in the basket rather than one by one
I am always so glad to see evidence of executive function progress


robin said...

I'm loving the increased blogging...and I picture R doing these things as you write. I'm so glad the stimmy phase is moving on and that you guys are enjoying so much productive time in the evenings. You're very organized, even though you're probably dead tired from work, you're giving him so much time and love. You're awesome!

aninont said...

I agree with the previous comment. I look forward to your posts and I am enjoying this increased blogging too. It was probably the cold that brought all of you guys down over the past few weeks. S has been having a viral something syndrome for the past two weeks, malaise, not eating type and finally after three doctor visits got diagnosed with a nasty ear infection in both ears - just this morning. I am glad, to have found something.I think the antibiotics will bring him back on track.

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