Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R's first million Wedding anniversary laziness

Well today is a my 10th wedding anniversary
We celebrated with Lunch date and Quantum of Solace ( it was playing at the disgusting dollar theater but I really wanted to see it so we did ) It wasgreat fun
Anyway apart from a lot of tickling and bouncing on the big exercise ball with him on my lap I have not done much
I am off for some work in a close by town tomorrow - and R and A are coming with me - while i do fell bad that he is missing two days of school and therapy .. I cannot help but feel that its okay
we all need a break from time and time
And he is still not all over the stimmy stim stim phase
Anyway wanted to share two funny pics
One is a word that looked so weird till I realised it was the vowels ( thank you - R loves this site )
He is also into making these foam numbers and he will go like this 10 then throw it away to 20 ,then 30 , then the same for 100's then the same for the 1000 ( 1000, 2000, 3000) then for 10000 and he would have actually gone on to a million but we ran out of zeros

he als wrote 1love my lips ( veggie tales song )


aninont said...

Happy wedding aniversary.

aninont said...

Boy! R is so smart.Amazing. I really hope you can write a book one day with R as a co-author.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, what a smart little guy!

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