Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not normal ..just perfect

I suddenly realized today why moms of older kids on the spectrum look a little resigned - not necessarily sad - but as though they are bracing themselves
As R gets older - in another 100 or so days( that sounds better than 3 months doesn't it ?) he will be 4 years old - I am more and more certain that we wont be one of those indistinguishable ones.
Soon people will stop telling me "oh he is still so young"
I am really not dreaming of Mainstream schooling. I do think I will have to read up on Special Ed laws. We have even talked about homeschooling at some point becasue I dont think that either Dh or I have a particular aptitude for fighting with the school system - nor do we really want to
You can wrangle out 30 more minutes of services but if they dont already ... can you get them to care
Dont think however that I am too despondent .
He HAS learned a lot
And sometimes I also think that while he may not be normal but he is still quite perfect just the way he is


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful thing. R is perfect. Just as he is. I don't think it's resignation so much as acceptance. We all need to be accepted for who we are, and loved anyway.

danette said...

Great post. I agree with Kara that it is more acceptance than resignation... it is what it is and my babies are perfect, unique, amazing little boys (ok, two are technically big boys now but I am in denial about THAT, lol).

We have been really fortunate that the schools our boys have been in so far have been really good to work with. I worry about what middle school will bring, but we have a little time before we have to worry about that (thankfully).

You might check out, great site for special ed info.

Anonymous said...
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