Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Just continues to be a PITA
WHen DS seelps at a decent hour like 9 - he is up at 5 - which would be fine - except he is groggy in his VB session in the evening
( of course I dont like getting up at 5 am either becasue its rare when I can get to sleep before 12 )
And then I am groggy all day
Yes I know I should go to bed earlier
But there is always so much to do !
Play with Rohan all evening and then do other work things in the house
For instance yesterday
  1. When he was in VB - I cleaned the car
  2. Then after he went to bed at 9.30 - I tossed 27 things away ( fly lady )
  3. Shined the kitchen sink
  4. Emtied dishwasher and cleared up kitchen
  5. Cleared one cupboard and sorted out a few drawers of clothes
Why is the house so dirty these days ?
Why do I spend all my evenings in housework ?

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