Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The joy of pointing

My son can point!
What joy !
He used to point in order to answer qyuestions in his VBA but now he points to tell me what to do !!
Like today I went home for lunch -
When he saw me through the window - where he was sitting on the couch he started bouncing up and down -
I put my hands on the window - so he would put his hands on from the other side
He pointed to me - and then pointed to the door
You ! Get in the door !!!
My cup of happiness runneth over
Thank you god

1 comment:

danette said...

Congrats, that is so awesome! It really opens up a whole new world of communication. My older boys never really pointed, my youngest did for a short time before he started regressing but during that time I was amazed at how cool it was and how it really opened up the possibilities for him to express himself! He sort of points again now, it's more of a reach, he prefers to push or pull me around to tell me what he wants, lol.

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