Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Stimminess in the evening ( due to cheese Quesadilla in the afternoon?)
He was so cute last night - I was tickling and he was running away and hiding behind his Dad giggling away and then coming back for more tickles
- Then in the night - I had turned some sleepy music on and he thought I was asleep so he ran giggling to the boom box and took the CD out and came back to bed hugging me tight and literally shaking with silent laughter
He is such a delight - he has never hidden behind his Dad before like that and he has not been deliberately mischievious ever
In the evening when we were taking a walk and encountened MRs H and Mrs C who are soooo sweet and very nice to him always he looked around them with unseeing eyes and refuse to ackknowledge their presence - let alone say his prompted Hi

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