Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am crossing my fingers so I don’t jinx myself when I say this - I have started putting my nightgown on R like a cover when I wake up in the morning this is one great trick DIdi taught me and becasue of that he assumes I am there and so goes on sleeping for a long time and wakes up refreshed
His sense of smell is very strong
Yesterday he wrote the word – “TAPER( E) D” and “CARPET(E)D”
I was wondering where he read these words till the mystery was solved – DH has been keeping a book on “Home Improvements” around – this book has 1-2-3 in its title and is therefore of great interest to R
Yesterday they went to the swimming pool and really enjoyed themselves

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robin said...

What a great idea about your nightgown. It reminded me of something I had forgotten from long ago. While in high school, my boyfriend (now husband) used to give me his t-shirt before he left for work (he was gone 2 weeks at a time) so that I could keep his smell/scent as long as possible after he left. I slept peacefully longer too.

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