Thursday, January 13, 2011

The year begins

The year begins

Peacefully enough

DH and I stand together on the patio of our cabin to welcome the new year  where the snow covered mountain makes you feel like you are all alone in the world ( though in a nice way )

DH smokes a cigar

The tall trees that surround us sway so much that I wonder aloud how they dont fall

DH explains that the roots are really deep and that they are meant to be able to sway

"Without sway they would break"

And I think of how true this is of life as well

My floortime goals of 30 minutes daily

Except for 2-3 days where R and I were really  sick - ( he has had something or the other sort of off with him since the past month )  we have floortimed every single day

I think the "just 30 minute" goal of doing Floortime - is pure genius

Concidentally R has reached the level  where he is suddenly throwing the metaphorical ball of communication back

I am remembering to use a lot of affect - facial expression and joy

And when I remember to do Floortime first before the chores/routine  take over - R is craving the engagement and seeking me out to Floortime some more !!!

This has not happened before

Though R has always loved to be with me - he  has typically been  more interested in cuddling and snuggling and I have to really work at getting the back and forth engagment cooking
he is just so much fun to play with right now

He will initiate play using props - here he is a witch on Halloween


I cannot figure out the reason -

Is R more ready ?( this is what DH tells me - perhaps to comfort  - when I lament that I should have been doing this all along and how much time have I wasted )

Is it that school has been off for so many days ( owing to snow )? For he no longer likes school :-(

Is it that I am using so much affect ?

I dont know the reason but  its delightful

The snow

The South has been having so much snow this year - The snow has been a joy and a pain

We have made up our mind to just give in and enjoy it

R has sledded for the first time - he loves to lie in the sled - Mother Nature provides an amazing sensory diet

He is developing some very typical responses

DH orders the Happy Monster Band - toys from Ebay and we tell him he has a gift from Santa

When he sees what is in the bag you shoould see the great expression of glee


Sometimes it truly feels like we enjoying R's childhood in slow motion


Is unusually intense right now and I am so busy which is taking some of the joy away

Plus I am having to travel a lot which always causes me a lot of stress

Hopefully the pressure will ease in a little while

And yet there are so many moments of pure joy that I find myself saying a prayer of thankfulness many times each day

The plane landing delayed last night and knowing that DH was waiting for me at the airport and I would not be driving over the ice alone

His dear familiar smile and pious declaration of "Who works for you from morning to night"( for he has woken at 6 to drop me to the airport)

The charming way in which R runs to me demanding- "Love and hug"

Walking in the snow - on the mountain. Where no one but DH with snow chains on our tires  - has dared to drive. And watching the sun turn the snow into diamonds

All the playing we do in the snow

I draw a big heart in the snow

I label it "Mom's heart" while R watches carefully

"Do you know what is inside Mama's heart " I ask, finger poised to write on the inside of the drawing

"R" says my son


Lisa said...

R you are so loved.

Puffin said...

Have I told you lately, how much I love R? That was beautiful, K

Trish said...

How lovely this was to read. You have such a precious son and husband, K. You inspire me to live more in the moment every time I read your words.

robin said...

What a lovely post! I love to lie and experience cold/snow as well as floating (like on a mattress in the water feeling the wind/waves.) He looks so calm and hugged in that little sled. I love the heart story! :)

Lynn said...

Soooooo sweet. R and Audrey would be great playmates. Audrey love the Happy Monster Band too...didn't know that there was merchandise!

And that boy needs more than crocs for the snow...he needs some boots!!!

@jencull (jen) said...

Awwww, that is just lovely that he knew he was inside your heart. Great that he is looking for floortime too:) Jen

Kim Wombles said...

Oh- your last line made me spontaneously leak from my eyes--and you tingled my nose--and my heart jumped!

Lovely, truly lovely.

And I was all set to quote your line "Sometimes it truly feels like we enjoying R's childhood in slow motion" and say yes! yes, and yes--Bobby was in slow motion, is still, and yet progress occurs. Connections are made. He is closest to me and to his sisters but hard for others to get close to, and I think, not really, you just have to be willing to enter his world. His sisters inhabit his world with him, but are better able to leave it and connect more easily with others.

And now I've written you a post...but I wanted you to know that your post spoke to me, touched me, and why. :-)

Þorgerður said...

Sweet so sweet again.
Glad you are enjoying the snow :)

Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

I love that he knew R was in Mama's heart. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.

Kim said...

"Love and Hug" and the last bit with the heart in the snow and him knowing what is inside your heart---awesome! I love your posts!

Anonymous said...

Not only to the trees have deep roots but the swaying strengthens them. That bit of stretch causing growth, within. Like your blogging, K. With each and every post (sway) your words, thoughts are ever more powerful, emotional, insightful. This post overwhelms me with wisdom. You have just 'floortimed' me. I think I shall have to come here for personal growth for, ever.

Mr. Daddy said...

K, you are one of God's treasures...

The three of you R a complete package.


Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

I LOVE THIS! It's beautiful! R is adorable!

danette said...

R is just so precious!!

I loved reading this, so happy to hear of R's progress :). Enjoying childhood in slow motion, I feel the same and feel it is a blessing in its own way.

"Love and hugs" to you and your family!

Natalia said...

I'm also doing DIR/Floortime therapy with my daughter and it's simply amazing the quick turn-around I've seen in her. I'm so happy to see your son also responding and engaging with you; keep it up!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Those are the moments I cherish so much. The ones that make you want to freeze time. The ones that make you realize how important everyday is.

BTW, I just attended a workshop where they talked quite a bit about floortime. I really had no idea how much it entailed! Huge kudos for you for taking that on.

Rachel said...

Loved this post! As always.

It always makes me feel grateful to read about your intentional enjoyment of family and parenting and being loved!

And from someone who worries about her kiddo's "stages" - sometimes they just simply are ready for something. And it has nothing to do with you not having tried it earlier. Or done more. Or spent additional time. It just happens that it clicks at that moment... and has far more to do with them (as they are always growing, darn those cute boys!)

Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

"Love and hug"

I love that! :) I think of you often and try to hear your common sense advice to get through the hard times and over myself. haha!

Trish said...

I'm back to tell you that I've given you The Most Awesome Award Ever Made, so please come by and pick it up!!

Sharon said...

Wow! I loved the last incident. What a joyous and precious moment!

Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful :).

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