Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everybody

A very very happy new year to everybody.

I am thrilled to have you all on my journey

Hope everybody has a lovely lovely year
Gretchen over at the Happiness Project asked what was our intent for this year in one word

Hers was "Bigger "

My word is "Simplify"

My resolution  for this year in my role as  parent therapist are modest

30 minutes of Classic Floortime Everyday that I am home - no excuses

More if I can - but NO guilt if I can't

Why such a modest goal ?

Because I am coming to realise that -

  1. Small goals are acually achievable while bigger goals paralyse one into doing nothing,
  2. Its good to have a goal you can measure
  3. My intent and knowledge are rarely the problem - its simply that fatigue,  chores, inertia  etc get in the way.  I need to have a behavioral solution to a behavioral problem. If I need to create a behavior ( do more Floortime ) - I need to have a behavioral approach ( do 30 minutes of Floortime everyday ). There is no point in having an attitudnal solution - ie reminding myself of why Floortime is so good etc ( I already know )
  4. I dont want to keep guilting myself,  measuring myself against the standards of those perfect mothers that write the books about putting their whole life into becoming parent therapist. I admire these mums and dads and am inspired by them - but its not me
I have some fitness goals too and I will talk about them in my other blog called Losing Ten with Zen

Do you have a New Year's resolution as parent ?

Would you care to share ?


Mr. Daddy said...

Happy New Year to you and yours K.

Love the simple approach. I made a resolution to make no new resolutions...LOL Just continue my quest to be the best person that I can be...
And for me unfortunately that takes more than 30 min. a day, more like 24\7....LOL and I find it must be attitudinal, (heavy sigh)..*grin*
And it seems like I always feel GUILT!!!!

Now that is something I could work on....*slapping forehead* LOL

Thanks for a great post and reminder...

God Bless you richly this year. :o)

Alysia - Try Defying Gravity said...

Happy New Year to you too! I have learned so much from reading your blog - I thank you for that.
I stopped making resolutions a while ago when I got depressed after breaking them. I like the one word thing though. i think mine will be "breathe".
Hoping for a glorious 2011 for you and your family.

Kim Wombles said...

Happy New Year. :-)

Your small goal resolution is a smart one; you're absolutely right that large goals are paralyzing. Breaking things down into incremental steps makes reaching a goal doable. And the no guilt clause is essential!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Simplify. I kinda did that in 2010 and it was wonderful. Really. I hope you can do it too in 2011. Have a happy and healthy. said...

I hope to do similar things this year. May the coming year be all that you hope for and more.

Rachel said...

Happiest New Year to you K!

So glad we have stumbled upon eachother in this wide bloggy world!

I make no resolutions - like my funny husband. My word is FOCUS for this year. Wanting to spend more time doing what really matters.

Blessings to you in 2011!

@jencull (jen) said...

I hope your family has a fabulous, peaceful and prosperous 2011. Jen

Trish said...

Good luck with your goal - I think you need to set up a reward system for yourself!

I have been thinking about my word since I first saw your post earlier today and so far I am liking the word discovery.

Happy New Year!

Lynn said...

"Small goals are acually achievable while bigger goals paralyse one into doing nothing"

This is SO true! I have to live by this or get nothing done at all. Have a wonderful 2011!

Þorgerður said...

happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

Your wisdom is refreshing, K!

I've forged a new more organized daily routine for myself that 'should' take only 30 minutes. I am going to add the 'no guilt' clause to it!

Best to you and your family in the New Year! Barbara

robin said...

I hope to strive to read to my kiddos each day. I know you're supposed to about 20 minutes a day...but I'm working my way toward that with my wiggly kiddo who has issues with sitting still. I break it up by stopping and asking questions to make sure he's listening and comprehending. I hope to continue this...

Kim said...

Happy New Year to you too! I also hope that you and yours have a lovely lovely year.

Anonymous said...

this approach is good but I have big dreams... I want to practice a family act together with the kids and dance a choreographed piece... if that can be done.

Happy New year to you too

Anonymous said...

you are so right about keeping the goal measurable and simple.

Stories Untold said...

I totally relate to small goals in fact its a very SEN teacher concept, large goals seldom see light of day unless broken up into small, realistic, simple steps. I too have set aside simplistic baby step goals which when achieved will ensure the big leap!

As a professional working with children I completely validate the fact that quality and consistency go way over quantity. You end up being more effective when giving 30 mins daily rather than (apparently) giving a whole life time at the beginning and somewhere down the road you get so badly disoriented and fall apart or monotony sets in and hampers your effectiveness.

Our role as a parent and a working professional, above all PERSON will always go hand in hand. Thats my practice :-)

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