Monday, January 31, 2011

The last days of summer Blog Gems

Jen at King and Eye has this fabulous idea
She calls it Blog Gems ....what is so fun about this is that I am getting to read some old posts from my favorite bloggers that I had never seen before
Here is my post from 2 years ago at the end of summer
The theme is "holiday" ( which is what they call vacation that side of the ocean )

End of Summer Vacation 2009  

August 16 2009


Says R tugging at my apron while I am cooking for the week - all four burners going at the same time.

He looks at me earnestly - his head to one side over folded hands- ( looking extra adorable) and repeats again - "Sheep"

This is nothing to do with bovines

He is asking to Sleep

And he doesn't want to sleep either.

He just wants to loll around on the bed - crumpling up the pillows, getting compliments on his general all around amazingness.

"As though I have nothing better to do"

I fake-grumble with a smile - even as I untie my apron to proceed for a loll-about

But its the truth

Its the best thing to do today - the last weekend of summer vacation.

There are people measure things by lasts.

And there are other people who measure things by firsts

I am unfortunately a person of lasts

On the last day of a week long vacation, I will be heavy with sighs and downcast looks

DH will offer mathematical comfort.

He will quickly calculate in his head and say

"By wasting 1 out of 6 days you are wasting almost 16 % of your vacation.. you should try and enjoy your last day most"

But I will be disconsolate and kick the sand sadly.

Too weak to care ( for this is how melancholy affects me )

And I have been particularly melancholy this week as this lazy summer is behind him and school has started

The early rise time means early bed time.

Its the end of impromptu trampoline time with the fireflies,of acquiescing to an urgent "Jump Jump Jump" request from R while getting ready for bedtime, of watching sun glow orange lazily adrift in the kiddie pool.
Of hearing DH expostulate - Arent you getting him ready for bed yet?

Full of maudlin melancholy I have been this week.

DH has asked me nervously the other day, if I am PMSing.

He has also inquired as to whether I am sick

Now,in silent comfort (as is his way) he is making some shelves for the kitchen.

For he looks ahead, and is a person of firsts and is simply thinking of how good it will be for him to finish his projects while R is in school.

Summer will come again next year.

But this summer- of R being 4 - still a baby -still going to baby school -is gone for ever.

My mum says when I was much a little girl - I would end all my essays on picnics, birthday parties with a signature sign- off line.

( Though from her descriptions of my essays it appears that my primary preoccupation while describing any event, was around what was eaten by me.)

Anyway the sign off line was this

"We had lots of fun, but time was flying like a bird and it was time to go home "

And so it is today.

Goodbye sweet summer.


Niksmom said...

Oh, I too am content to glory in the "lasts"...I don't want to think beyond the sweet moments snuggling with my boy who is growing so fast. I think "firsts" must be the domain of the fathers; my husband is much the same way. lol

Enjoy the waning days of summer.

Anonymous said...

=/ Good-bye summer. I look forward to autumn for many reasons (and it is my favorite season!), but I can't help thinking about all the lasts that we are doing this week and it's sad. My best friend is going back to work (special ed teacher!) and I am going to miss her so much. She's SO good with Daniel and is the one person outside my family (and sometimes more so because she lives close) who can and will drop everything for us. And it's mutual...and just sad. Sorry- I'm taking over your comments here!

robin said...

Yes, our summer is over...I so love autumn. Scott starts school the day after tomorrow. And, while my hubby and daughter are pressuring me to put him in classes and athletics, I think I'm just going to keep him close for another year. Once he starts, it'll never end...

TJ said...

Despite their differences, C and R really do have quite a bit in common. C also loves to roll around in the bed with kisses, tickles and casual discussions about rhyming words and all things silly. So do I, actually.

Bitter sweet, the lasts. But fortunately (?) there will be others, and it is also a sign that the "in betweens" were good. ((((Hugs))) to you, special lady.

Maddy said...

Yes it went by super fast this year and they're all back to school on Monday. I still don't manage my time as well as I should but it's definitely been the best summer yet.

Anonymous said...

Where did the last 3 months go... My favorite seasons are actually spring and fall, I just do not like what follows fall.

Louise | said...

I totally share your sentiments. When I was still studying, I always enjoy the summer vacation period.
But during the last week, people will often see me down with a long face. I just can't easily let go of the good things (even something as little as the last day of summer). :(

Risa Tzohar said...

Well, reading this in winter turns the whole focus around. For now, it gives us something to look forward to rather than look back on, wouldn't you say?

Ashley said...

Beautifully written. I can so relate. I'm a "last" person, too, and spend the last day of any trip sighing.

Glad to be stopping by from Blog Gems. =)

Anonymous said...

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